Strengthening the immune system

Fortifying body defences – refueling energy

In our experience, a combination of bioresonance and magnetic field therapy are excellently suited to activate the body’s defences.

Even as far back as ancient times, the healing qualities of magnetic fields were well known. Magnetic field therapy promotes the tissue’s intake of oxygen and thus leads to regeneration and activation of the body’s defences.

Bioresonance therapy is based on the assumption that everything which exists on Earth is the result of oscillatory information. Hence, this form of therapy derives from the idea of incorporating the most recent scientific findings of quantum physics into modern medicine.

It’s focus lies on the energetic framework of the body and cellular communication, observing it on a functional basis. Through transmission of oscillatory information, bioresonance aims at stimulating the immune system. This form of therapy should, if possible, be applied three times.

This therapy is an individual health service, which is not covered for by insurance.

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