Bioresonance is biophysical method of diagnosis and therapy. Like homeopathy and acupuncture, it belongs to the field of complementary medicine and can be a useful supplement to traditional medicine. We have been successfully treating patients with this procedure for over 10 years.
With bioresonance, in many cases the causative origins of illnesses can be detected and treated.
Every illness and every bodily cell has its own oscillatory pattern. Our cells are simultaneously acting as transmitters as well as recipients and are in constant communiation with each other.  A disease is ultimately nothing else than an expression of miscommunication between the cells. While diagnosing, bioresonance detects distorted oscillatory frequencies.
In theraphy, the distorted frequencies are being met with healing therapy-frequencies, which serve to restore cell communication and the body's natural healing forces.

Standardized screening via bioresonance is a highly sensitve procedure, which can show results which weren't previously detected in other tests.
The test itself is entirely painless and conducted without any form of provocation, which makes it especially suitable for infants.

With bioresonnace we are able to detect allergies and intolerances to different kinds of grain, vegetables, fruit, histamines, fructose, pets, house dust, pollen fungus and, principally, all original or individual substances in the household.

Heavy-metal pollution, toxins or enduring encumberance of the immune system as a cause of previous infection like herpes viruses, Epstein Barr or Boelen's. There are various possibilities. Please speak to us directly, we are always happy to advise you.

The following diseases have been successfully treated by us in the past:

Allergies • Food intolerances • Chronic infections • Susceptibility to infections • Hayfever • Neurodermatitis • Eczemas • Hives • Chronic bronchitis • Asthma • Nasal polyps • Chronic rhinitis • Middle ear effusion • Diseases of the nasal sinuses • Migraine • Celiac disease • Diverticulitis • IBS

Therapy is gentle and painless and hence excellently suited also for infants. During therapy, patients are comfortably seated in a chair. A single session takes no more than 30 minutes or 15 minutes for children.

Bioresonance is entirely without side-effects. At the very most, a momentary recrudescence of the existing condition can occur, while the immune system is stimulated to produce antibodies.
Experience shows us that bioresonance is very well combinable with methods of traditional medicine.