Snoring screening

Sleep apnoea

A revitalizing sleep in an essential component in maintaining one’s health and performance capabilities. Patients who suffer from snoring at night are not only disturbing their partners but might be actively endangering their own health and wellbeing. If it regularly causes interruptions in breathing, snoring can be very harmful.

Patients with sleep apnoea syndrome more rarely experience deep sleep phases, which also tend to be shorter, if they do. This often leads to daytime sleepiness and subsequently reduced performance capabilities. The cardiovascular system very sensitively reacts to nightly hypoxia. These interruptions in breathing can lead to an increased risk of stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure, depression and impotence.

We offer you an ambulatory diagnosis by supplying a small, portable sensory device, which you can take home to sleep in habitual circumstances.

Data analysis and exploration of possible forms of therapy will then take place at our practice.