Your ENT-practitioners in Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

Maxie Schönitz and Nurcihan Hermes

For over 25 years we are holistically treating our patients with the latest findings of academic medicine.

It is especially close to our hearts to identify and treat the causes of your illness instead of merely handling the superficial symptoms.

It is our approach and aim to look at each and every patient individually and treat them acoordingly, to achieve a lasting improvement of your condition.

We are treating EVERY patient happily and carefully, whether big or small - whether insured by the state or privately.

Everyone is welcome.

Current notice

Dear patients,

in case of acute infections or acute symptoms in the ENT area, to perform a self-test for COVID-19 before visiting our practice. Thank you very much.

We principally demand notification in advance via Tel.: 0308732839 if you wish to visit, so we can arrange an optimal appointment for you.

Thank you for your understanding and your trust!

Open consulting hour

For acute ailments we offer a daily
open consulting hour.
Please announce your visit ahead of time
Tel.: 0308732839.

We are specialized in treating acute and chronic illnesses in the ENT sector

Sinus cavities
Susceptibility to infection
Food intolerances
Middle ear effusion (children)

Therapy offers

Alongside classic ENT screening methods, we additionally offer the following attested procedures of diagnosis and therapy:

Homeopathy is an independent healing method, looking back at a 200 year old history. It is a wholly customized form of therapy, individually attuned to every patient. Keep reading...

Tinnitracks offer two individually tailored forms of therapy. Tinnitracks are prescribed by ENT-physicians, the costs are covered for by most insurances. Keep reading...

The maintenance of one's bodily balance as well as the control over voluntary motor function are, in a healthy organism, ensured with the help of sensory information within a tight set of rules. Keep reading...