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With the VertiGuard system, we offer you an innovative method of treating vertigo.

Vertigo occurs as a result of different illnesses of the vestibular organ. Alongside increased fluctuation of the body's centre and walking insecurities, an increased risk of falling often comes with it.

These increased fluctuations of the body's centre can be measured by the VertiGuard system in different, significant everyday situations such as walking, climbing stairs or sitting down. The method conducts a test, consisting of 15 excersises, which reveals deficits in body control and allocates them (der deutsche Satz ergibt keinen Sinn)

Thereby, the training can be individually adjusted to the respective deficits. Via neurofeedback, the patient effectively corrects his postureand reduces his balance fluctuations and vertigo as well as walking insecurities are significantly reduced. Studies show that the risk of falling is thereby decreased by 30-50%. By improving postural control and through fluent sequences of motion, the patient's self-reliance is increased, making their everyday life unrestrictedly manageable again.