Applying the Tinnitracks method, we are able to treat and sustainably better your tinnitus with the help of digital technologies.

The method aims at the hyperactivity of the nerve cells in the acoustic centre of the brain. A subjective tinnitus occurs as a cause of an imbalance of excitatory and inhibitory nerve signals, which leads to  increased activity of certain nerve cells. This neuroplasticity can be altered through external influences such as music.

After determining the frequency of the tinnitus, this frequency will be filtered out of individual pieces of music, making it void of any signal components. Hereby, the balance between excitatory and inhibitory nerve signals in the acoustic brain centre is being altered.

It is recommended to listen to 90 minutes of the previously filtered music over the course of one year, in order to reduce the intensity of the tinnitus.

Tinnitracks is prescribed by your ENT-physician. Its cost is covered by many insurances.